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Pure and clear, radiant and mysterious. The Arctic is a fascinating place that engages all the senses. This is where our designers find their inspiration for timelessly beautiful, minimalist designs. Welcome to BERING. Inspired by arctic beauty.
Elegant Danish design. Straight, clear forms. Long-lasting materials.

Since the 1950s, “Designed in Denmark“ has conquered the world with its distinctive features: simple forms, minimalism, functionality and unique value for money.

Since 2010, we have been producing unique watch and jewelry collections. With a very special design concept: “Inspired by arctic beauty“, we combine the beauty of the Arctic with timeless Danish design.

The breathtaking nature of the Arctic is our inspiration — an abundant source of new design ideas. Contributing to the protection of this unique landscape and its habitats is very close to our hearts. The result: watch and jewelry collections that are as timelessly beautiful and resistant as the nature of the North.